GIANT API is a RESTful API that allows programmatic access to GIANT data and computational services. The API currently covers:
  • 144 tissue-specific functional networks for human (aka GIANT)
  • Global networks for 6 model organisms and human (aka IMP)
  • NetWAS, which is a method of reprioritizing results of a genome-wide association study (GWAS)

Documentation & Help


Template Python code that uses GIANT API for NetWAS analysis. See included for instructions.

Quick Start

Get functional network for PARK2 gene in human brain

Get functional network for SNCA gene in mouse

Get list of human tissues we support

Get network with custom parameters from command line
$ curl -d tissue=brain      \
                                        -d genes=PARK2,PARK7 \
                                        -d num_genes=10      \
                                        -d prior=0.15        \
                                        -d enum=true
Start NetWAS from command line

Save bmi-2012.txt to a local directory, then run:

$ curl                      \
               -F gwas_file=@bmi-2012.txt  -F gwas_format=vegas \
               -F tissue=adipose_tissue    -F p_value=0.01
Reference: GIANT API: an application programming interface for functional genomics A.M. Roberts, A.K. Wong, I. Fisk, O.G. Troyanskaya; Nucleic Acids Research 2016; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw289 [ Abstract | Full Text | PDF ]